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Welcome at Shanghai Walking Tour!

Shanghai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the economic heart of China. With its 23 million inhabitants, it is an incredibly fascinating city. Shanghai is China with its traditional street scenes, ancient Buddhist temples, Chinese gardens and bustling markets. But also dynamic with a huge growth in trendy restaurants, bars, shopping malls, skyscrapers and modern art scene.

Shanghai Walking Tour

In our walks we are part of this metropolis. In a relaxed pace we pass numerous sights, markets and parks. We stroll through authentic streets and you'll marvel at the high contrast with the modern Shanghai. Sometimes we take the subway, public busses or the ferry to experience the urban feeling at it's best and we can have lunch in a traditional Chinese restaurant after the walk.

Shanghai sightseeing

No walk is the same!

No walk is the same, every day is different and at each corner something new happens. That is what makes it so fascinating to walk through Shanghai. Have your camera with you and enjoy a stroll through China's largest and most densely populated city, where past and present meet. The best way to experience all this is on foot, while we tell you about the chinese culture. And of course, a personal input is always welcome!

See you soon in Shanghai!

Shanghai Walking Tours

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