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Discover Shanghai on various city walking tours!

Bird and Cricket market

Strolling through the streets you will discover fascinating aspects that you might
otherwise have missed while in a tour bus or during a taxi ride. You are just part of everyday life; that faded colonial mansion, that market with local fresh products and chinese ladies or the square with elderly people ... Since the city is very large and has many interesting places, we organize various walking tours.

Old Shanghai City Tour

This walk begins in a modern piece of Shanghai and ends in the 'Old City'. Shanghai at its extremes. On our way to the 'Old City' we pass trendy Xintiandi, we visit an antique market, bird- and cricketmarket and a Buddhist temple. You will be fascinated by the lively old streets with local residents, sometimes dressed in pyamas, shopping people and elderly people playing cards. The tour ends with a visit to the Yuyuan Garden with its bazaar.

Duration: approx 3.5 hours (lunch not included)
Meeting point: Middle Huai Hai Road, South Huangpi Road

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French Concession Tour

The French Concession in Shanghai has many picturesque colonial mansions, parks and hotels. Streets are planted with old trees and full of charming French origin housing blocks and art deco buildings. It is a beautiful area which, besides the French in 1930's, attracted many adventurers (Belarussian and Chinese). It makes a visit to this area more than worth it. We will take you here and show you interesting buildings and parks.

Duration: approx 3.5 hours (lunch not included)
Meeting point: Middle Huai Hai Road, South Huangpi Road

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Shanghai Shopping Tour

Shanghai is one of world's biggest Fashion Capitals.
Therefore a Shopping Tour in Shanghai is a must.
Explore the city's nicest shops and markets together
with our experienced tour guide and be amazed
by the most exclusive shopping spots in Shanghai!

Customized program
Price on request

Email to
or call +86 159 0161 1802

Shanghai Fashion Capital Gaby

Historic Hongkou Tour

Are you curious to learn about Shanghai as it was during the twenties and thirties of the last century? Have you seen a bit of Shanghai and/or even visited the famous sights? Then this walk is an interesting addition!

We take you to the cultural area in the Hongkou district. We will meet at the
Luxun Park, named after the greatest scholar of modern Chinese literature. We will walk through streets with Shanghainese colonial architecture from the years '20 and '30. A historical area because of the Japanese occupation and settlement of leftist writers in those years. The architecture is typical of that time and the region also remained very traditional. You will see a real piece of China and we will show you the most beautiful places and buildings during this tour.

Duration: approx 3 hours
Meeting point: Hongkou district, Jiangwan Road /
Sichuan Road (metro line 3)

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North Bund Tour

The area north of the Bund, also called 'Jewish Shanghai', is still very unknown. A pity, because it has lovely colonial architecture and authentic lilongs, old neighborhoods. With the impressive Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the background, this is really a beautiful walk. We will see areas that were built in the 30's of the last century, as well as super modern skycrapers in Pudong. This walk ends with a beautiful view of the Huangpu River facing the Bund. A walk with great contrasts .....

Duration: approx 3.5 hours
Meeting point: Zhabei district, Baoshan Road
(metro line 3 and 4)

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Canal Town of Qibao Tour

Located in the southwest of Shanghai, about eighteen kilometers from the city center, Qibao is an typical old canal town in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It's like a spiritual sanctuary, almost free of noise and pollution from the big city. Qibao has a history of more than a thousand years. In the past it was a town with a thriving trade as you will find out during the tour. Also you will find a wide variety of Chinese snacks and many authentic tea houses and restaurants.

This is a special walk, another piece of Shanghai not too far from the city center! If you do not have time to see the city of Hangzhou and its West Lake, this tour is really a good alternative.

Duration: approx 3 hours
Meeting point: Minhang district, CaoBao Road
(metro line 9)

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* Tour information *

Are you visiting Shanghai in a rush (eg for business or as a stopover during your transit) and want to see some of the highlights quickly? Or are you interested in a specific chinese festival (such as Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival or Spring Festival) and want experience more about? Or would you like to walk with a large group? Please let us know and we create a 'customized walking tour'!

Do you need more information? Let us know by e-mail.

Shanghai Walking Tours

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